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I give sleep fucking a 7 out of 10, because he could have got it down her throat a few times while she was sleeping before she was 'shocked' awake. I love how he man handled her silicone, and made her take it balls deep. Rucca finally awakens after the sleep fucking, with no sign of anyone but a cummy surprise on her belly. They may think they dreamt it when they wake up, but it's no dream - they're getting fucked for real while they are out cold. They fell asleep hoping to catch a nap, little did they know they would be totally defiled while they were out of it!

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They decide to leave Cheyenne 2 presents, the video of her getting fucked and a hot load of cum all over her to wake up to. This video is one of the best Sleep Assault video's ever. When Emma wakes up, she has no idea what the sticky stuff is on her face and chest and one lick and she knew someone was there while she was sleeping.

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